10 Tips for Convention!

Young Living Fam- Can you even believe convention season is coming, AGAIN? Crazy Town. I am so freaking excited to get to Salt Lake and to see you all. There's something so inspiring about being in a sea of like minded, motivated humans. And we're even MORE pumped because Young Living is celebrating their 25th Birthday this year too- I cannot even fathom what's to come! We are truly so blessed to be a small part of this incredible company and their mission.


Because we've been to Utah a time or two now, I wanted to share 10 tips with you to make Convention 2019 the BEST one yet! (Hopefully this will help you stress a little less!)

1. Up your water, Ningxia, and Supplements the week before! Though the Higher Elevation doesn’t effect us personally, I know some people are really sensitive. Hydrating helps a ton! Also keep in mind you’re about to be around a LOT of people at convention and airports and in hotels so we always start upping Inner Defense, Elderberry, and our Thieves games the week prior.

We also bring our Supplements in a pill organizer to avoid bulky bottles and to remember to easily take them all week to keep us running! Super B's, Immupro, Multigreens, Life 9 are all musts! We keep our travel dew drop diffuser running in our hotel room with Thieves and Purification too!!


2. The days are long- but Oh, SO fun and worth it! Pack Snacks!! When we came a few years ago and brought our son, Cash, I totally underestimated snacks. (I lost my milk supply completely because I didn't take the time to eat and drink enough). Lesson totally learned. We actually used shipt last year and got Sparkling Water, Granola, Yogurts, Beef Jerky, etc. delivered straight to our hotel! It was so convenient to grab a can of water every time we went to our room for a break. Some people bring Snacks from home and fill up a duffle bag, then use that empty duffle bag to bring new products home! (pretty genius!) There's also places in the Salt Palace and around it to grab lunch and quick bites!


3. Farm Day is HOT! (and dusty!)- Wear comfy, loose clothing you don't mind getting a little dirt on! Last year I work a pair of workout pants, a shirt with a fun oil saying, and Nikes. Don't forget Sunglasses, a hat if you need one, your YL Sunscreen, and Lavaderm! Also, find a bestie that will take boomerangs if you jumping in the Goldenrod and of you up close smelling Lavender (Like This 😉 ) OH- And prepare yourself for lavender lemonade and ningxia slushies and all the fun farm treats!

4. COFFEE. I am a big Latte Lover, and I found the cutest hidden gem called Cupla Coffee last time we were in Salt Lake! It's within walking distance of the Salt Palace and THEY USE ESSENTIAL OILS IN THEIR LATTES. Try the Frankincense Orange Mocha Latte and tell them I sent you! (The SWEETEST twin sisters own it!) There's also Starbz for those of you who don't want to venture from your norm... #Igetit


5. Club Red is amazing and has your Ningxia hook up! A really fun place in the Expo (where all the products are!) to hang and meet up with friends and your team. They have Zyng, Ningxia, Nitros, Vitality Oils, and Really cute swings that make for Excellent IG posts! A must see for sure! We love grabbing a shot with our tribe members in the afternoons!


5. Don't stress too much about your clothes- Wear what you feel GOOD in. A nice pair of jeans/pants and a cute blouse or a comfortable Dress and nice sandals or really whatever Business Casual means to you- wear! And dress in layers! The first year I went to convention felt like I had to dress WAY up and bought a ton of clothes I hated and I felt like I wasn't 'Frankie'. Last year I went through my closet and grabbed stuff I LOVED and felt confident in, but was still Business-like... I guess my point here is don't spend hundreds of dollars on clothes to impress other people. You're not there for that.


5. It's ok to take breaks. I am a secret homebody that refills her cup by recharging at home in a hot bubble bath/watching trashy TV in a quiet house. For my sanity, I go hide during lunch breaks in my hotel room LOL. We order room service and take a mini nap/sit in silence with each other and it helps me power through. Protect your energy, fellow introverts!


6. Budget for New Products- You're gonna want to take them home! We always pack an extra tote bag to throw as much new product as possible in-- Knowing Young Living whatever they drop next month is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN and I don't want to risk anything selling out.

^Funny story, we had no idea what we were in store for that first convention, and we actually had to run to Walmart at midnight to get a suitcase to fit all of our things for our 5 am flight. We now bring a collapsable bag and shove it in our suitcase.


7. They give you a bag-Every convention they gift us a really nice branded bag of some sort, to carry our stuff in! This year since we meet at the stadium nightly, they said the bag we bring has to be CLEAR or the one they gift us at registration. We DO always bring portable chargers, iPad or notebooks and nice pens for notes, gum/mints/Thieves Cough Drops, Hand Sanitizer, for sessions!


8. Talk to Strangers- We are so grateful for the relationships we've made with people through small talk and by sitting by someone we've never met. Be kind to everyone you meet, help those mama's lugging babies, ask the person sitting alone to eat with you, strategize with the stranger on the bus--- everyone has a story and a heart for YL, get to know it! Help each other grow.




9. LEARN ALL THE THINGS. The speakers, the RCD'S, Mary Young.... all of it. Soak it up. Listen. Apply applicable things to your business. Everyone speaking has your best interest at heart, so take it all in. Breakout sessions are always filled with such incredible wisdom. I learn so much from other inspiring leaders and in turn it makes me a better leader and builder. Ask to go to lunch with a crossline team and brainstorm.. Learning from each others successes and failures makes us stronger. Community is everything.


10. JUST HAVE FUN AND ENJOY IT (Spoiler Alert: It will all work out) And if you see some girl named Frankie with purple hair stop and say hi!!!)