Oil Easy This Week.


     In the spirit of Mothers Day last weekend, I wanted to share just a few ways we keep it super simple over here lately when it comes to our daily oil routines. I am no stranger to chaos… ya know- two kids that I homeschool, an active duty military husband, working from home, and a puppy could make anyone feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. BUT, I notice a HUGE difference in our day when we’re incorporating oils throughout it. Here are a few ways I work smarter, not harder:

 Here are the top three ways we are Oiling EASILY this week in our home:


Create a signature diffuser blend!


If you ever come to our house, you will quickly realize that we have a favorite blend we almost ALWAYS diffuse… And if I’m honest it’s because my husband is legit OBSESSED and gets to the diffusers before I do LOLLL. We took an empty 15-ml oil bottle (that we soaked in soapy water and then threw in the dishwasher to get the scent out) and filled it with: 100 peppermint, 80 drops Christmas Spirit, 15 drops Cinnamon Bark, and then 50 drops of Tangerine. We have 6 diffusers between the kitchen and our living room so carrying this ONE bottle of our favorite oil concoction vs juggling a bunch of bottles saves so much time!

We'll even fill the diffusers up before we go to bed (ya know, when we don’t pass out on the couch) that way in the              morning we just push a button and our house is a much better place because of it (**Terrible Two stage is here**)!

We drop 6-8 drops in each diffuser of this blend, but we like our oils stronggggg (like our coffee!!!) Just adjust the oil amount to suit your sweet fam!


RAINDROP ROLLERS! If you haven’t snagged yourself a raindrop kit on your Young Living Essential Rewards order yet, you’re SERRRRRIOUSLY missing out on such an amazing tool for your family! (I can do a whole blog on that alone)  A few times a week, I get the family on our bio mat before bed and run through the whole protocol. But honestly, I needed a faster and easier way to access them when crap is hitting the fan at bedtime.


 Insert- a set of 5-ml rollers I conveniently keep on our oil shelf to raindrop in a pinch! I filled each of these rollers up with  one of the 9 oils from the kit, diluted appropriately for your family, and topped with Young Living’s V-6 carrier or Ortho Ease (both come in the kit!)! We find we get better results applying the oils in the order the protocol suggests instead of throwing all the raindrop oils in one roller.

I can't even tell you how many times we've needed these 9 oils lately- gah, they're incredible! 


((Oh, and you get instructions on how to apply them when you buy the kit!! #praisehands ))

And for the last one, I have a serious confession: I AM THE WORLDS WORST AT REMEMBERING TO TAKE MY OWN SUPPLMENTS. Like, will tell my husband to take his daily- Give my kids their Super C's and mightvites every day at the same time- But for me? Forget it. I can't even remember to eat breakfast anymore.

I knew I really needed to get back into the swing of things. We actually went on a trip to Spain a few weeks ago, and I bought a SUPER cute rainbow pill organizer... and guess what? I ACTUALLY TOOK MY SUPPS LIKE THE GROWNUP I NEED TO BE. What. A. Concept.

So I figured I would try to organize a weeks worth of supps every Sunday night and strategically place them on the counter so I am FORCED to see them and take them daily. AND IT WORKED.

*Pro Tip: I cannot swallow pills for anything- But I also know I benefit SO much from Super B's! I bought a pill cutter and take them daily now in small pieces!!


I would LOVE to hear how you kill the essential oil game too! Comment with your favorite time saving hacks!!


If you haven't dived into the Essential Oil world, and don't have anyone that's helped you, I would be honored to help! Leave a comment or go to 'contact me' and I will reach out shortly!


Wishing you all the BEST week!

xoxo Frankie-Gene

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  1. I’m a follower (stalker?) on FB and Insta. I just want to say that I admire how much you show love and raise up your husband and children. And that you’re real……even in the ugly moments. It’s a breath of fresh air to have someone showing us it’s ok to be who we are. No guilt, no shame…..just livin & lovin!

  2. You are such a inspiration to me! My daughter has CF too her name is Gracie.. I have talked to you on messenger when I got my kit from Nikki Hoskins.. I have a hard time with it , with every cough, sneeze I go into PTSD mood .. I’m so thankful for these plants to help me emotionally.. your spirit and outlook on life is something that makes me smile! Keep being you girl you are changing lives✌?That you don’t even know about.. love and blessings


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