My Journey to Being a "Fit Mom"

I can’t even believe I'm actually typing these words, because 2.5 years ago I would have told you this was a straight up CULT. Lifting weights, doing Spartan races, showing up the gym almost EVERY day? No thank youuuuuu. I got reality shows to watch and cheeseburgers to eat.

...and yet here I am. About to share my heart with you on the BEST choice I’ve made for myself- for many reasons. Mentally + Physically I am changed forever for the better because I took a chance on a gym I found through a Facebook ad. (Yes, that’s really how this began LOLLL)

Before I get into that, I really wanna tell you guys WHY I even got into working out anyway. Postpartum Depression is real. And it sucks. And it’s lonely. And NO ONE talks about it. I never thought I would ever deal with anything like it, or the symptoms that come with it- the anxiety, the anger, the sadness. It’s isolating. (If you’re going through it, please talk to someone you trust!)

We had our daughter 5 years ago, and then she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 6 weeks and my husband (Who is active duty military) was deployed the first couple years of her life- I was left feeling defeated. I was a new mom, with no help, and a lot of anxiety and I felt like no one could ever understand what we were going through. (If I’m being honest, those feelings are still here, and were magnified again after I had our second babe 2 years ago.)

The first few months of having our second baby were BLISS. We were breastfeeding and bonding, and my husband has a new unit where he is home every night (#BLESSED) and life was GREAT. Then he lost a bunch of weight because I lost my milk supply, and I had to wean him kind of unexpectedly. Those feelings I had a few years prior came creeping back, and fast. I luckily knew this time around that I HAD to have an outlet. I’m a stay at home mom, who also works my own business from home and homeschools, and some days it’s really really freaking hard and challenging. (Don’t get me wrong, I totally know how blessed I am to be able to be with these nuggets 24/7 but also… sometimes I need a break and a glass of wine LOLLL) And it feels really good, and freeing, to admit that.

Being a mom is truly the hardest, most rewarding, job in the entire world.

I was scrolling through Facebook one afternoon and saw this motivational-crazy ripped dude, Joey, talking about this gym he owned and how life changing it was and it TOTALLY captivated me.  I showed the video to my husband, who I’m sure thought I was nuts, but told me to try it out!

And so I filled the form out, got a consultation with him, and drove to this warehouse (with no AC). I’ll never forget how nervous/embarrassed I was because I was SO FREAKING out of shape. I couldn’t even get through the warm up. I had ONE pair of workout pants that fit me. I didn’t know anything about the workout world. But after meeting him, and confiding in him, and telling him WHY I wanted to do this, I dove in. (I pray you’re all lucky enough to have a coach like Joey!)

It was easily one of the best “yes’’ moments I’ve made for myself. And from that day on, an obsession was formed.

I’m an all in kinda girl. I don’t believe in doing anything half assed. I wanted change, and I knew I needed to work for it. And before I knew it I was coming 5 days a week. I was making it through the warm up. I was losing weight. I was getting arm muscles. I could do a pullup- then I could do 6. I was continuously challenging myself to be better and better- like a personal competition. And before I knew it, I crushed the Level 6 FitRanx test!


But honestly, more than anything, I really feel like it’s my 45 minutes of sanity. I get to shut the world out. I don’t answer my phone. I don’t have a 2 year old throwing applesauce at me. I get to check in with myself, and THINK, and push. It really has turned into a sanctuary. A 45 minute break every day that I look forward to. I felt a little guilty at first, almost selfish, for leaving my family just before dinner time. But I want to be the BEST version I can be for them. They deserve that. I deserve that.

And you, my friend, you deserve that too.

I get a lot of messages daily saying “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t know how you do it”. And my answers to that are always simple:

-EVERYONE has enough time. We all have the same amount of hours as Taylor Swift. What are you willing to sacrifice to MAKE time?

-I do it because I made it a non negotiable for my mental and physical health. Change your perspective to “I GET TO” when it comes to working out, and watch your whole perspective change.

So here’s the deal. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone this week. Try that gym you drive past everyday. If you’re local to Ft Lauderdale, we would LOVE to have you at Warrior Fitness Camp. If you can’t make it to the gym- or maybe you wanna baby step to get there, today is your lucky day! My coach and I have a really fun and effective AT HOME workout for you, and we even did a video JUST for you 😉


30 minute TABTA workout: 20 seconds exercise and 20 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times.


  1. Overhead Squats.
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Leg Thrusts
  4. Kneeling Push ups/Push ups
  5. Run in Place
  6. Bowing Crunches


I even did a fun video to walk you through it right here:

Just know we all have a day 1--We all start somewhere. No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. Maybe crossfit isn’t your thing.. That’s ok! Find something you LOVE. Maybe it’s running. Spin. Pilates! Just show up. Take the first step. Strive to be that better version of yourself<3


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Cheering you on!


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  1. Thank you for this! I used to be a workout junkie…like literally 6 days a week and eat sooooo well. Then, I got pregnant and stopped and after having my son I didn’t get back into it and have really been in a slump. I’m also a stay at home mom and work with YL and love both but I believe I have postpartum depression and have never sought help. This makes me want to do better for me and my family and take the time to work on me again. I wish there was an all at home workout since I live in a small town with no gym but it’s a start…so thank you for this and your beautifully inspiring story!!

    1. Air hugging you my friend! PPD is real and it’s brutal- def watch that video, that’s a great workout AND Pinterest has so many good at home workouts too! You can do this!

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