DIY Spa Night With Essential Oils


The Tuesday after a long weekend is ALWAYS harsh, so I thought it would be the perfect day to share a few recipes from this DIY Spa night I decided to throw myself last night- LOL. There’s nothing better than some self care after a long weekend of mommin’ in NINETY degree heat, right? I literally decided on a whim that I wanted to treat myself and hide in my bathroom for a solid hour and friends… it was DELIGHTFUL.


The best part about CLEAN selfcare is I had everything in my kitchen. No expensive products filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce. Nothing harsh on my skin. Just clean, easy, effective products I use and love all throughout the summer!


It took me about 10 minutes to whip all 4 of these up- It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the Young Living fam or if you’re a seasoned Oiler, these are SUPER simple! (and if you don’t have the products other than oils on hand you can legit get it all on amazon or at Wholefoods!)


First things first- a yummy beverage while you prepare and pamper!

Enter: Ningxia Italian Soda. THE BEST THIRST QUENCHER EVER after a very hot day!


If you haven’t ordered Ningxia Berry Syrup yet, promise me you will STAT. We love to make this drink with it, eat it on desserts, and top our gluten free pancakes with it! SO GOOD. Perfect for BBQ’s this summer too! You will need:


-Sparkling Water (we use lemon Perrier for this, but plain is good too!)

-Ningxia Berry Syrup

-Ningxia (1 packet or 2 oz)

-Lime Vitality


All you do is grab a glass or stainless steel cup (remember to not use plastic cups with citrus oils!!) with some ice, pour in 2 tablespoons of berry syrup, 2 ounces of Ningxia, and 3 drops Lime Vitality. Mix Well. Then top with that sparkling water! Healthy + Delicious! (If you’re feeling up to it, I hear it pairs well with vodka too!!) ****Please don’t ingest ANYTHING other than Young Living Essential Oils!**


Frankie’ Scrub!


This has been my go to summer scrub for 4 years now! SO SO SO GOOD- especially before you shave your legs or get a spray tan! Essentially, it’s coffee, grapefruit oil, and coconut oil! It’ll leave your skin feeling awake and smooth and buttery and I swear by it. I take the jar in the shower with me once a week (I keep it in the fridge!) and apply to my arms, stomach, and legs. I let it sit for about 5 minutes before I rinse it all off! The coffee is GREATTTTTT for your summer bod and short shorts 😉



- a 4 oz glass jar

- ½ cup coffee grinds (brand doesn't matter)

-20 drops YLEO Grapefruit Oil

-¼ cup Coconut Oil

I take an empty glass bowl and mix all three ingredients together and throw it in a jar! It takes 2 minutes to make, and I gift it to all of my friends! Perfect Recipe to try at your summer make and take!!


Mojito Lip Scrub


Another simple recipe I love to gift and use on the regular is my Mojito Lip Scrub! We live in Florida, and the humidity is awful. We all basically sweat from April-January every year and my lips are the ONE thing that need TLC constantly. (I probably should drink more water too… #yolo) Anyway, a couple years ago I concocted this little number out of boredom in my kitchen and I can’t stop making it. Another party favorite of mine too- super easy and costs PENNIES to make up! You could even make a big batch of this to give to your family when you head to that upcoming beach vacation too!


You Need:

-Coconut Sugar (you could totally use regular sugar, we just don’t keep it in the house!)

-Coconut Oil

-Peppermint Vitality

-Lime Vitality

-Optional Vitamin E


Also- gonna be super honest here, I don’t really have a set recipe for this. I make it and know what kind of consistency I want. Don’t be afraid to play around with this (and all of these recipes honestly) and fix them to your liking! You can’t really mess these recipes up! But, for the sake of my green colored homies, I tried to give you a basic recipe:

1 tablespoon Coconut Sugar

½ tsp of coconut oil

A couple drops vitamin E (If you wish!)

3 drops Lime

2 drops peppermint


I rub it all over my lips and let it sit for 5 minutes. I personally lick it off because YUM but a washcloth with some warm water works too! I always throw on some of my Young Living chapstick right after too to lock the moisture in!


So Fresh and So Clean Clean’ basic face mask!


This is my go-to skincare bestie for when I wear way too much makeup (#birthdayweek) and I get lazy with my nightly routine. I keep activated charcoal and Aztec Healing Clay stocked in the house 24/7. Both are so good for making masks at home. You can snag both at a local health food store/Whole Foods/AMAZON too! The oils I use for this change depending on what my skin needs, but today I picked Lavender, Geranium, and Purification to get my skin back on track! You can totally sub those out for what you want and have on hand!


I also choose to mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar- for some people, that may be too harsh for their sensitive skin! You can totally use water for that part too!


You need:

½ Tablespoon Aztec Clay

½ teaspoon Activated Charcoal

ACV to mix to consistency (I like mine thick enough to easily spread!)

Oils of Choice (Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Purification, Neroli, are some common ones!)


Mix all of those together in a bowl, and spread all over your CLEAN face avoiding your eye and mouth area. I love to throw this on while doing house chores or watching my reality TV shows (LOL) Let is sit for 20 minutes, and then wipe off with a warm washcloth- This helps you get all that charcoal off! I use the Art Toner immediately after followed by a dab of Wolfberry Eye Cream under both eyes and Sheerlume (the best brightening cream from YL ever) all over my face and VOILA! Instant model status LOLLLL.


I felt like a new human when I walked out of that bathroom last night, and I hope you all feel refreshed too!! Lemme know in the comments what you think! If you have a favorite self care recipe I would love to hear that too!



If you're not using Essential Oils yet, and you don't have anyone guiding you, I would love to get you started!! Click here to snag your kit and start living your best life!!

XOXO Frankie-Gene