Introducing Frankie-Gene!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Air, and let me be the first to introduce you to the fabulous Frankie-Gene Ellis of Young Living, Mommy-World, and Jesus-following Southern Kindness.

Some of you all will already know Frankie-Gene from the Young Living powerhouse she is leading the Enchanted Diamonds, but others may find her as they scroll through the Like2KnowIt wardrobe or when they search for latest Floridan fashion on the web. No matter what way you find her, know you have found an awesome down-to-earth boss lady.

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I met Frankie-Gene at a Fort Lauderdale Blogger's Union meetup. It was hosted by the General Provision, and if you have been there you will have noticed they have auditorium-like seating. I honestly only sat next to her because she seemed like the only approachable one with purple-hair and all. We chatted a little bit about what we do and connected over the fact she is moving to Tennessee- and that I had attended the University of Tennessee. She expressed wanting to take her blogging career to the next label and bonded further on the fact that I own a business named Storytelling Marketing.

That is how we ended up here a couple of weeks later in a Davie coffee shop of Frankie-Gene's favorite. I'm not going to give the name away because I am sure she will want to write a blog about it but I loved that iced mocha latte!

To wrap a bow on this, I have no doubt Frankie-Gene will be successful in her new business venture. She has an awesome friendly-personality and is eager to help! If I may ask on her behalf please share and comment your support! It only takes a moment and makes a big impact-trust me I am a marketing expert! Oh, and remember to order the iced mocha latte!


Meet Airica

Airica Kraehmer, also known as Air, is a multiple-time bestselling author of the books Models Stop Traffic & Invincible, Miami influencer and blogger, and the owner & CEO of Storytelling Marketing LLC.

She strives to encourage others to tell their stories and express who they are unapologetically. She does this by example as a public speaker to her own story and how she conquered the darkest of obstacles and still achieved her dreams and goals.

You can contact Airica by following her on Instagram or by emailing